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PULYGRIND® is a specific product for cleaning coffee deposits from grinder burrs and the grinder chamber. It is a powder made of small gluten-free, food-safe starch crystals with a high grease-absorbing powder. Crystals flow between the burrs and clean them of coffee deposits, ensuring that ground coffee doses are free from bad odors and produce the best tasting espresso.

Traces of product which remain, contain no harmful substances for consumers and will not affect the quality of the ground coffee.

  • Regenerates the burrs without disassemble.
  • Innovated patented technology.
  • Super concentrated and more active.


The secret to successful coffee!

Use once a week for automatic coffee machine:

  1. Empty the container from coffee grains and insert one dose of Crystals PULYGRIN
  2. Fill up again the container with fresh coffee grains.
  3. Turn on the engine and discharge the first two grindings

Flat and conic burrs and grinding chamber cleaning : 1 dose POLYGRIND, Fill up the hopper on 3 – 5 seconds

Net 150g (10x15g)

Made in Italy

120 in stock

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