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Silvia E



Influenced by modern design, Silvia is perfect for any type of décor and offers totally professional levels of performance and reliability. Thanks to Silvia, you no longer have to choose between style and functionality or design and performance. Experience the pleasure of a perfect professional espresso.

Technical Features

supporting structure: in black-painted steel

body and control panel: in satin-finish stainless steel

high thermal accumulation boiler

brewing unit and boiler: in a special lead-free alloy

professional brewing unit and filter holder



Filters with 1 and 2 doses, measuring scoop, tamper.



Pod adaptor kit composed of a diffuser, shower screen, two spacers and a pod filter.

2 მარაგშია


Dimensions (WxDxH)
9.2 x 11.4 x 13.4 in
235 x 290 x 340 mm


30.9 lb
14 kg


0.3 l (0.07 gal-UK)


Boiler power
1,100 W


230 V


50/60 Hz

დამატებითი ინფორმაცია

წონა 33 kg

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