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Motta stainless steel tamper convex diameter 58.

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Tamper (eng. Tamper) is a barista tool used to form the right “coffee pill” in the portafilter when preparing an espresso. Consists of a working surface and the handle, both elements can be executed both from metal, and wood or plastic. The working surface is a circle with a diameter of 1-1.5 millimeters smaller than the diameter of the portafilter. The bases are found both flat and spherical. Tempering is an important element in the process of making an espresso that requires the professionalism of a barista. As a rule, barista teaches coffee with an approximate force of 15 kilograms. It depends on tempering how well the “coffee pill” will be formed: how much distance there will be between ground coffee particles (how much it will be compressed) – whether the espresso will not be burned, whether there will be a proper extraction; how smoothly the “coffee pill” will be formed in the portafilter (relative to the horizontal of the basket of the holder), depends on how even the extraction will be over the entire area of ​​the portafilter.