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With Mondo Drip Coffee you can brew a fresh cup of coffee everywhere. These portable single-serve coffee bags are perfect for hiking and travel. This is innovation, without sacrificing quality. We proudly us premium Japanese and Italian technologies for all our coffee products.

Medium roast

100% single origin Arabica coffee from our farmers in Ethiopia

Non-GMO, Kosher Certified and FDA Approved

Each unit contains 10 single-serve 0.35 oz drip coffee bags. Recommended cup diameter up to 4 inches wide. Each drip bag can only be used once

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How to brew
1. Tear along the dotted line
2. Place hangers on the cup (up to 4 inches wide)
3. Pour 150 ml (5 oz) of boiled water and wait for up to 1 minute. Let it drain 2-3 times, until you reach desired volume
4. Dispose the bag and enjoy coffee. Each bag can only be used once.