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Thick, earthy, low acidity and bitterness with a gentle coffee finish. Unforgettably dense, Emerald is described as raw and full-bodied. For those who love a stronger and wilder espresso. Blend ingredients: Brazil, Ethiopia and high-altitude African coffee beans.

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Danesi Coffee

Danesi Caffè is a roman company founded in 1905 by Alfredo Danesi. Expert connoisseur and curator of secret blends, he was one of the first who to spread the culture and the consume of what today is known as traditional espresso dating back at the beginning of last century in Rome
In 1933 his son Giovanni took over the management of the company. He increased its revenue and expanded the sales to the HO.RE.CA. sector.
He started to export Danesi coffee products abroad.
In 1990, his sons Alfredo and Roberto, after running the company along side their father for 30 years, while observing the tradition of preparation that distinguishes Danesi products, began a process of modernization of the company.
The fourth generation, fully female composed, now is contributing to the development of the company, giving new directions, according to the modern trends and the future challenges.
Today the fourth generation of the Danesi Family running the company is composed by the 4 daughters of Roberto. They are continuing the development of the company, always adding to their plant the most up to date machinery for production and packaging of their products. They created a state of the art training center, keeping Danesi Caffè in tune with the current trends and ahead of future challenges.

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